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How to serve Stengels' Sekt properly
Nunc est bibendum (Now we shall drink)

The question is how to deal with it in an adequate way.

The most important things are the temperature and the pre-storing. After transport the bottle should rest for a few hours (rather a bit longer). Try to avoid undercooling but precool it gently in the refrigerator.
The domestic refrigerator is normally on 6-8°C, which is enough for consumption in summer, because the glass grows warm fast due to the hot temperatures. The sparkling wine should reach the ideal temperature of 10°C. Fine flavours require a certain temperature to develop.

Please take your time to enjoy your drink. However, taking too much time leads to a temperature rise of the glass. Whenever one of your guests forgets about his glass of wine, feel free to pour fresh wine into another glass. Do never mix fresh wine with warm wine. Bear in mind that this sparkling wine is a speciality and don't hesitate to point that fact out to your guests. They should appreciate the served Sekt. However, it is not quite appropriate to mention the price, but rather the speciality with regard to your special guests.
By ordering your range of wine you need to consider your storage facilities. It would be best to ask the producer directly, because only a few dealers are able to answer this question properly. Light (as well as neon light) and temperature variations are the most vicious enemies of sparkling wine. Store the wine in a cool dark place. By just ordering small amounts of wine the risk is reduced.

In addition, the glasses should not be disregarded. It is important to take a neutral smelling glass. For you being an aficionado you should just fill half of the glass with sparkling wine. Then wait one minute until the gas bubbles have calmed down. All aromatic components should preferably diffuse within the glass, and not escape into the room.
You will just fill your life with pleasure by enjoying a matter of soul.
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