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Our vineyards are located in the heart of Weinsberg valley. Viniculture can be traced back up to the twelfth century here; thus, people here have been characterised by wine and agriculture. Soil, climate and the location of the vineyards have a decisive influence on the character of wines. So every year we are delighted to be allowed to turn the grapes nature brings us into the cultural beverage of wine.

The vine dresser can put all its work to the grapes, in the end it is nature who decides what will become of them. As a consequence, wines are subject to a typology following their quality implemented by the legislator via the Act on Wines:

   1. Table wine
   2. Choice wine
   3. Choice wine provided with a title such as

This results in a vast variety of wines the oenophile can choose from at discretion! Enjoy your choice - we as family Stengel will be pleased to assist you with our advice and recommendations.

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... two times in series and in total the 4th time stengel received the prize as best German sparkling wine producer !
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