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STENGEL's Winery and Sparkling Wine Cellar
Raise a toast with Stengel's wine and sparkling wine!

The ultimate art in wine finishing is the creation of a sparkling pleasure called "Sekt" in our country. Since 1988, sparkling wine is produced in the cellar of family Stengel, who strictly observes the rules of the Dom Perignon method, i.e. bottle conditioning, shaken by hand and de-yeasted individually - called "Champagne method" in brief.

The finishing of wines to sparkling wines of excellence is a philosophy in our family as expertise, idealism and great attention to detail pave the way to big achievements on the banks of the river of Neckar, too.

Stengel's wine tavern

Stengel's Weinstüble (wine tavern) invites you to take a break. We serve more than 30 wines and sparkling wines. Just enjoy a glass of wine or sparkling wine with a good and solid dish (a Vesper, as we call it, all homemade, be it sausages butchered in our own shop, homemade Buebespitzle [a regional noodle speciality made of potatoes], Spätzle [also a kind of noodles], fried potatoes, potato salad or freshly baked cake).

From now on, we offer some more treats such as marinated beef (Sauerbraten) and Stengel's Pfännle. We are pleased to do everything for your well-being.

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Our wine tavern:


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